Saturday, 13 Aug 2022
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EPHH awarded by Sino Tharwa two land rigs:   ::   Minister of Petroleum Visits
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Two Managing Directors Speech
Two Managing Directors Speech. . . .


The Name Of Quality In Manufacturing Drilling Rig Field

Our company EPHH is the great result of the fruitful cooperation between the Chinese side (represented by Hong Hua) and the Egyptian side (represented by Petrojet, Enppi and Tharwa).

EPHH a leading petroleum company specialized in Manufacturing, Assembly, Maintenance and repairing Land Rigs with different capacities, since it has been established in 2007 adhered to the principle of presenting the good quality services to the clients. The company also capable of providing customer with drilling rigs tools; equipment spare parts, and mud materials suitable for different operation demands.

EPHH has the ability of designing and constructing several land rigs and drilling system can also manufacture and test products according to the clients special standards and requirements.

EPHH possess a professional technical service team with rich experience in manufacturing rigs in Egypt, North Africa and Area around. And also has a high level of quality control certified with all required certificate needs in drilling rig products, they have developed many advanced drilling rig products and components. EPHH specialist engineers are working hard to bring the customers dreams true in every detail to achieve the high performance and efficiency.

EPHH has manufactured a lot of sets of drilling rigs and provided a large number of rig components for the projects in Egypt and North Africa. The drilling rigs and equipment has been supplied by EPHH for various clients like Sino Tharwa, Efadco, Tanmia and EDC.

EPHH has set up after sales services providing the long term and high quality services of drilling rig field installation and repairing for all land rigs with different capacities.

Our target is to provide high performance witch highest quality and zero lost time.     


  Eng. Luo Liang Ping        Eng.Mohamed Younes 

                   General Manager& MD                     Chairman & MD