Monday, 29 Nov 2021
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Conference & Exhibition MOC Conference & Exhibition 2014 . . . .

EPHH Participate MOC conference and Exhibition  

After four years, MOC Mediterranean sea conference and exhibition had been held on Alexandria from 9th to 11th of December 2014, his Excellency the Egyptian minister of petroleum Eng. Sherif Esmael had formally opened MOC conference and Exhibition with giving a very important speech explains the challenges and chances for the next 5 years Egypt development plans, and he stressed on the intention of Egypt government to revive economy and develop oil recourses, in order to let Egypt back to the ranks of leading nations in Asia, Africa and Europe.  


This year the exhibition had been attracted the most important visitors from oil and gas sector from all over the world, was unprecedented crowd as a sign for the recovery of Egypt Economy.

Egyptian petroleum HH Rig Manufacture Company catches this opportunity to fully participate such event, under the leadership of Eng. El Sayed Elbadawi Mohamed EPHH chairman and Ms. Liu Yong Hong EPHH General Manager who personally fully attended the conference and exhibition and personally hosted the visiting dignitaries from oil &Gas companies and drilling companies in Egypt and North Africa, in order to build the company name as trade mark in the mind of all international visitors, which enhance the company stability on Egypt and north Africa.    

His Excellency the Egyptian minister of petroleum Eng. Sherif Ismail had personally visited EPHH booth and he expressed his interest, wishes and concerns about the company next year development plans.        

And with the gradual stabilization of Egypt situation, and the government desire to develop the Egyptian economy, EPHH team work believes in EPHH shining future, and actively prepares to continue the success performance starts on 2014 to extend on 2015 and for the upcoming years.