Monday, 29 Nov 2021
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Products & Service
EPHH awarded by Sino Tharwa two land rigs:   ::   Minister of Petroleum Visits
EPHH Rig Series
EPHH Rig Components Introduction
EPHH Rig Product Introduction
EPHH Rig Product Introduction AC VFD (DBS) Rig Series . . . .


  • AC VF(DBS) rig
  • All-digital control    
  • Good human-machine operational interface
  • Major operational realization  by touchscreen and joystick control 
  • Energy consumption brake and suspension function
  • Higher power factor and transmission efficiency
  • DW, MP and RT are driven by each motor/motors separately and ependently
  • toreach ideal RPMs
  • Traveling system runs under multiple accident prevention measures


Derrick and substructure of various shape

Slingshot substructure and K-type mast

  • Sophisticated structure
  • Wide application