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Rig Site Survey 

We provide High Quality Rig Site Survey With Highly Professional Experienced Engineers Following The API Standerds

Rig Audit 


Rig audits are carried out for both drilling /Workover Rigs for both rigs onshore and offshore rigs to assess the condition of equipment. Audits are conducted to industry standards, such as API, as well as to specific client requirements. Rig-commissioning services involve ensuring that rig machinery and equipment are functioning properly and are in accordance with the clients’ requirements. 


EPHH has professional and highly experienced auditors in oil and gas industry.

We provide advice with professional expertise available to implement that advice with high quality, through a fast, efficient, seamless service from inspection and fault identification and recertification the rig.


  • keen to provide expertise who have high  experiences and awareness of standards
  • provide professional reports with standards  Available attending meeting for clarifications.
  • Flexible services survey closing audit for any finds after audit. 
  • Provide failure analysis advice and investigation for incident.
  • Verification of PMS and overhauling reports of equipment that is due for major overhaul/recertification or for which certification has already expired
  • Provide services with low cost.
  • Provide rig inspection with high standards and implementation EGPS checklist in addition to EPHH check list.
  • Provide solutions and helps client to start working in safe conditions.
  • Provide drill integrity test before start operations.


EPHH Rig Audit reports include details for all findings, categorized observations and recommendations (critical, major and minor) that help clients to priorities corrective measures required.

Cat IV Inspection and Repair of Drilling and Work Over Masts and Substructures 

EPHH Derrick Inspectors are qualified to the API Approved Training for API 4G Drilling Structure Inspections.

A quick search of the internet will present you with a whole variety of different companies offering to undertake these inspections for you. You don’t have to look too deeply to realize that most of these are either unqualified, lacking the relevant product knowledge or experience therefore hiding these facts with words and reference to specifications to distract you from the fact that they are simply not qualified.

The facts remain that unqualified companies and/or personnel increase the risk to your operations where as EPHH represents both a reduction in risk and a positive move toward a safer working environment.

 Derrick/mast related incidents on land rigs and offshore derricks still represents an unacceptable amount of oil rig accidents, which is not helped by untrained or inexperienced personnel and 

EPHH carries out API 4G Cat. III & IV Inspections all over the World on a day to day basis from our operations in El-Sokhna Plant 

Four Inspection Levels:  


Cat I is DAILY (no documentation required)  

Cat II is at rig- up (no documentation required) 

Cat III every 730 operating days (documentation required) 

Cat IV every 3650 operating days  

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