1. max. load of hook: 3150kN; 
  2. line system: 6*7 (along the line
  3. diameter of drilling wireline: ø35mm; 
  4. rated input power of DW: 1000kW; 
  5. gears of DW: 2 gears, stepless speed regulating; 
  6. diameter of RT opening: ø698.5mm(27 1/2″); 
  7. rated power*number of drilling pump:969.4kW(1000kW)(1300HP)* 2sets; 
  8. diameter/rated pressure of drilling fluid manifold: ø102mm/35Mpa
  9. effective height of mast: 45m; 
  10. height of drill floor: 9m; 
  11. clear height under RT beam: 7.6m; 
  12. area of drill floor(L×W): 13.5m×12.2m; 
  13. capacity of air tank: 2*2m3+2m3; 
  14. power*number of generator set: 1000kW*3; 
  15. power*number of auxiliary generator set: 455kW*1; 
  16. total capacity of mud tank: 330m3; 
  17. power*number of DW motor: 1000kW*1; 
  18. power*number of RT motor: 600kW*1;