1. Nominal range of drilling depth (5″DP): 4500-7000m.
  2. Max. Load of hook (12 lines): 4,500kn.
  3. Rated input power of DW: 1470kw (2000HP).
  4. Gears of DW: 4+2R.
  5. Max. Lines of hoisting system (along the line): 12 lines.
  6. Diameter of drilling wireline: ø38mm.
  7. Number × power of mud pump: 2*1600HP.
  8. Nominal diameter of RT opening: ø952.5mm.
  9. Gears of RT: 1+1R stepless speed regulating.
  10. Effective height of mast: 45m.
  11. Height of drill floor: 9m.
  12. Clear height of substructure: 7.72m .
  13. Number × power of diesel engine set: 3×810kw(2×800kw).
  14. Mud high pressure manifold of dual standpipe: 4″×35mpa