Who We Are

Our History

A dynamic joint venture that commenced its journey in 2007.
Our journey has been marked, by overcoming challenges, and strategic decisions.
In 2022, a contract was signed for the local manufacturing of SEVEN Drilling Rigs—in which 3 out of 7 were already completed in 2023.
Furthermore, a strategic plan is in place to enhance and upgrade the existing rigs with various Drilling contractors. EPHH’s move into local manufacturing not only strengthens its position in the Egyptian market but also marks a significant step towards self-reliance and excellence in the country’s industrial sector.


The company has achieved a remarkable milestone by securing all the required API certificates.

Our mission is to become a hub for the manufacturing, assembly, maintenance, and repair of oil well drilling rigs, under the vigilant oversight of the Egyptian General Petroleum Corporation.

This achievement highlights EPHH’s dedication to innovation and its pivotal role in advancing Egypt’s petroleum industry.

Our Strategy

Driven by EGPC’s potential and supported by experienced partners, our strategy focuses on continuously enhancing our diverse services to meet clients’ needs. We prioritize quality, ensuring heightened standards in all our endeavors. Safety is paramount, fostering a safety-first culture for our team and clients. Our aim is long-term sustainability, providing tailored solutions for partners to thrive.

With this strategy, we strive to be Egypt’s and North Africa’s most reliable drilling solutions partner.

Our Scope

EPHH offers a comprehensive range of services and solutions within our scope of expertise, including:

Rig Manufacturing

Equipment Manufacturing

Local Fabrications

Spare Parts Supply

Rig Audit

Calibration Services

Inspection, Recertification & Rebranding

Certifications & Quality

EPHH proudly holds variety of certifications, including:
API Spec Q1, API-4F, API-5CT, API-7-1 and ISO 9001:2015
a testament to its unwavering commitment to industry standards and excellence.

Our Leadership

Tamer Salah, the Chairman and Managing Director of EPHH, a leading oil & gas drilling company.

With a wealth of 25+ years of expertise in the field, Tamer spearheads our strategic vision and operational excellence.

Under his leadership, EPHH continues to thrive, delivering top-tier solutions in the dynamic energy sector.

Tamer Salah

Chairman & MD