Iron RoughNeck

High Accuracy positioning and smooth operation with fuzzy control algorithm

Iron Roughneck

Based on streamline and multi-Axis linkage design, the entire process can be completed through one key positioning and one key make up and break out

According to different tubular tools, the system can dynamically adjust the clamping force to reduce damage to the tools.

It has function of recording the parameters of the tubular tools for the next use which can save the working time.

The torque wrench has 60 degrees of rotation which achieves make up and break out at one time with high efficiency.

Modular design compact structure small footprint and easy for installation disassemble and maintenance.

Remote operation in drillers cabin and wireless remote control are available to keep the operator away from dangerous zone.

Unique and innovative auxiliary centralizing system achieves unmanned make up ad breakout operation at the wellhead build interlock protection device can be integrated into the ZMS system to prevent mis-operation.

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