Direct Top Drives

The motor directly drives the main shaft, reducing the transmission energy loss and with the higher mechanical efficiency, Less fault point and the higher reliability.

Direct Top Drives

Non gear lubricating oil and cooling filtration system reduce the sealing mechanism for simple structure and east maintenance

The hydraulic system is integrated on the top drive , the system responds quickly and hydraulic pressure loss of the actuator is small

Guide Rail’s installation and removal without high construction are safe and efficient

Flexible bails fit for hook or travelling block  connection

Technical Specefications

  • Two pairs of elevator link are used for drilling and casing operations respectively

  • Provide independent top drive VFD or share the integrated VFD with the rig system

  • Optional Honghua anti-slip vibration system

  • Optional top drive angle control  system to achieve dynamic Adjustment for the tool face

  • Working Environment temperature is -40C +55C

  • Applicable power supply  is 600VAC , 690VAC/50HZ/60HZ

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