Empowering Efficiency and Control: Exploring EPHH’s Advanced Electric Drive Systems

Variable Frequency Drive

Modular Design for Quick Maintenance

VFD (Variable Frequency Drive ) is the key to the AC rig. The system consist of the modules such as generator control , rectifier and inverter, dynamic brake , PLC control system MCC System transformers , Air –Conditioning . etc

The VFD system uses ABB or Siemens direct torque converter, with a commonly shared DC bus ,, it can precisely control the drawworks, mudpumps and rotary table , drawworks VFD speed regulation system uses closed-loop control to ensure high starting torque for the system and improves torque dynamic response at the starting stage and low-speed to realize max output torque (suspending Function) of zero speed , the inverter adopts a modular structure and is interchangeable and also has the ability to be removed and installed quickly to limit maintenance and system downtime

The entire system uses bus communication with several advanced functions such as data display and recording and remote transmission, etc.

Technical Specefications

  • Dc Drive (SCR) system consists of  generator controls SCR control cabinet , PLC Control system MCC system transformers , air-Conditioner ,etc.

  • The Dc Drive (SCR) system adopts AC-SCR-DC transmission with digital or analog speed control mode to achieve the purpose of driving different DC motors with one SCR cabinet the system has a wide input voltage range high adjustment precision simple commissioning and self diagnosis function , the modular structure of the rectifier component is easy to maintain the system is designed and installed in accordance with the relevant electrical codes

  • Honghua provides high quality power cables and reasonable and reliable cable routing for rig electrical driving system

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