Mud Pumps

Complete product line. HH delivers F series triplex single acting piston mud pump from 500HP up to 2200 HP with time-tested high performance

Mud Pumps Specs

Reliable, compact, well-balanced design, designated for the most severe duty conditions.

Power end with fine craftsmanship. High-strength, precisely machined frame; forged, heat-treated crankshaft; hardened surface on drive gears, longer lifespan.

Fluid end & consumables interchangeable with multiple OEM.

Diversified drive options. Through belt, chain or gearbox, pumps could be driven by multiple brand AC/DC motor, diesel engine, or simply couple the pinion shaft with one of our premium Direct Drive motors.

Upgrade a 1300HP or 1600HP mud pump to achieve higher discharge pressure (7500 psi) simply by changing to an “L” type fluid end, site service optional (extra charge).

Western brand bearing set, relief valve, pulsation dampener, liner spray pump, pre-charge pump optional.

Suitable for multiple brand piston & valve quick change tools, liner retention systems.

Standard qualification and certification acquired, also go for per customer demand.

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